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Storage Tanks ISO

Process and Drilling Mud

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Containerised Process & Storage Tank Systems

Download PDF version of Containerised Storage Tanks

Bespoke Storage Tank 2

Storage Tanks built inside a bespoke shipping container frame for logistic & economic sense.
  • Designed to meet local regulations
  • Any process or control configuration possible in recessed end
  • Secure when doors closed. HSE compliant
  • Quick site set up and removal
  • Customers include Shell, Chevron, QP and BP
  • We have been building storage like this for 10 years
  • Equipment fitted into Recess

    Equipment fitted into Recess

  • Tank Farm as part of turnkey project for Chevron (Caltex) in Cambodia

    Tank Farm for Chevron (Cambodia)

  • Piping and Process

    Piping and Process

  • High Seal Lockable Man Way

    High Seal Lockable Man Way

  • Piping to DIN or Ansi

    Piping to DIN or Ansi

  • Piping to DIN or Ansi

    Piping to DIN or Ansi

  • High Quality Internal Construction

    Internal Construction

  • Storage Tank System

    Storage Tank System

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Water Storage and Process Containerisation

Download PDF version of Water and Process

Bespoke Storage Tank

Over the past 12 years TEC tectainer has containerised numerous processes building anything from water treatment plants to fuel batching plants into a container. Efficient manufacturing in our world class facility in China. Any process can be containerised.

We can produce tanks for :-
  • Water Treatment
  • Drilling Mud Processing
  • Wax Process / Heating / Batching
  • Fuel Dispensing and Control
  • Bitumen / Asphalt Plant tanks
  • Water
plant shipped
with tarpaulin

    Water plant shipped, tarpaulin cover

  • Operators Interface

    Operators Interface

  • Water Process Tanks - An epoxy lined Mud Drilling treatment tank

    Epoxy lined Mud Drilling

  • Water Process Tanks - Work is performed in the cleanest environments

    Cleanest environments

  • Water Process Tanks - Stress Analysis

    Stress Analysis

  • Water Process Tanks - Stress Analysis is performed inhouse

    Performed in house

3D Solid Works Model

We design all systems using Solid Works to perfect the design before going to production.

A design specification and e-drawings and GA are sent for the customers interface and approval.

3D Solid Works Model

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"Putting something back"
Our companies are actively involved in fundraising for and supporting children with cancer in China