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Modular Housing and Hotels

tectainer Motels / Hotels / Apartments

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Hotel/Motel Projects

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Fultec  - Conceptual Design

tectainer Homes - Conceptual Design

The Hotel/Motel - From Construction to Completion.
The Hotel/Motel concept
  • Designed by one of Australia’s leading Architects
  • Mechanically detailed to enable production efficiency
  • Produced on a production line at a rate of more that 50 modules a day
  • Site erection in days.
  • Minimum materials in a super strong, super insulated energy efficient building method.
  • Save millions on site by building your Hotels on a production line
  • Infinite Design Possibilities; up to 9 stories high & as long as your project requires
  • Designed with mechanical 3D design package to assure exact production manufacture
  • External Stairways and Steel work delivered as a kit set

tectainer Homes - Internal Design

tectainer Homes - Cut away of site units

  • Steel construction means for a incredibly strong structure
  • Cement floors — a sound way to construct
  • Patented jointing systems
  • tectainer Homes - Satge 1: Layout Based on 20ft / 40ft Blocks

    High Quality Fittings

  • tectainer Modular Homes - Stage 2: 4000 sq ft Pre-Assembled in Factory


  • tectainer Modular Homes - Stage 3: Fit Out using Finest Materials

    Protected & packed for shipping

  • tectainer Modular Homes - Stage 4: Fit the Windows

    On Chassis ready to ship

3 modules create 4 hotel rooms

tectainer Homes - Cut away of site units

Site Erection - Roof being installed

tectainer Homes - Cut away of site units

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