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IBC's and Totes

IBC / Tote Tanks (1000 - 5000 Litre)

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IBC / Tote Tanks (1000 - 5000 Litre)

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Steel IBC, a steel compact design means 20 x 1,000 litre IBC's fit into a 20ft container.

Product security is the prime function of the Steel IBC's. Designed to withstand the abuse often received in the field IBC's are a rigid construction, reinforced with recessed valves to ensure a longer operational life.

IBC Tote Tanks on Forklift

Oil carriers in IBC 1000 - 5000 ltr

Oil carriers in IBC 100 ltr to 5000 ltr capacity

Features Include:
  • Strong Corrugated construction
  • 2" Pressure & vacuum relief valve
  • 1½" Fill point with sealed screw cap
  • Reinforced fork pockets and corners
  • Recessed Valves
  • 316 Stainless Steel or carbon steel options
  • Any capacity catered for (Standard: 1000 Litres)
  • Diameter 300 mm bolt down access lid for Inspection and cleaning
  • Diagonal Internal stiffener supports
  • Special protective coatings available for internal protection of carbon steel I.B.C.'s
ISO Container Tanks
  • ISO Half Height Oil Transporter

    ISO Half Height Oil Transporter

  • Patented Lubetainer. Crude, Grade & Waste Oil carrier

    Lubetainer. Crude, Grade & Waste Oil

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