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The tectainer factory in china


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Transport Tanks

Bitumen and Lubricant Transport
Diesel and Fuel Tank Containers
Food Grade Tank Containers
Fuel Kubes (1000ltr - 3000ltr)
Petrochem and T50 (IMO 5) Tanks

Storage Tanks ISO

Aviation Storage Tanks
Bitumen Asphalt Storage Tanks
Diesel Storage Tanks
Gravity Feed Tanks
Process and Drilling Mud
Water Treatment

ISO Containers

Bulk / Waste Containers
Dangerous Goods Storage
Open Side Door Containers
Open Top Containers
Out of Size Containers

IBC / Tote Tanks (1000 - 5000 Litre)

IBC / Tote Tanks (1000 - 5000 Litre)

Modular Architectural Construction

tectainer Modular Homes
tectainer Motels / Hotels / Apartments
Site Works Accommodation

"Putting something back"
Our companies are actively involved in fundraising for and supporting children with cancer in China